Introducing Our Stethoscope Cases - Plus, How to Choose the Right Stethoscope For You

Introducing Stethoscope Cases; New At Medshop Australia.png   For a while now there has been something missing from the Medshop Australia inventory. You asked and we have delivered, we are now proud to introduce our new range of Medshop Australia stethoscope cases. Featuring durable EVA material construction with a secure easy-grip zipper. You can be assured that your stethoscope will be well protected. The preformed interior compartments are designed to perfectly fit your stethoscope and hold your spare stethoscope accessories.     littmann-stethoscope-classic-cases.jpg   Storing the stethoscope in this manner will prolong the tubing life significantly as it prevents the tubing from bending or kinking, it also prevents your stethoscope from coming in contact with oils, pens or potentially corrosive substances. With the additional features of a carry handle and an interior mesh pocket, this is the stethoscope case you have been looking for. We have 2 size options available, the classic and the cardiology. You can also choose from 3 colours for the classic size and 2 colours for the cardiology size. The classic size will fit the following stethoscopes: Littmann Classic II S.E. Littmann Classic III Littmann Master Classic All Spirit Classic Dual Head Stethoscopes Please note: Littmann Classic II Infant and Littmann Classic II Paediatric stethoscopes will fit in the cases but the chest pieces are too small to fit snugly into the preformed interior and will, therefore, move around a bit.  The cardiology size will fit the following stethoscopes: Littmann Cardiology III Littmann Cardiology IV Littmann Master Cardiology All Spirit Cardiology Dual Head Stethoscopes So now that we have covered our amazing new stethoscope cases, we thought we would help give some advice on how to choose the best stethoscope for you. This is something we get a lot of questions about so we thought we would try and break it down into a bit of a guide for you.    

Doctors / Medical Students

Medical students   For our doctors or medical students, we recommend you approach choosing your stethoscope as an investment, because it is one. All medical students and most practising doctors will rely on a quality stethoscope to ensure thorough and accurate diagnosis. We recommend you choose a dual head cardiology stethoscope like the Littmann Cardiology III or the Littmann Cardiology IV. The Littmann Master Cardiology is a single head stethoscope and not recommended for students as dual head stethoscopes are by far the norm and allow for greater ease of use and flexibility. The reason we recommend Littmann so highly is because they have achieved a global reputation as the world's number one stethoscope brand. That said if the Littmann price range is a bit beyond what your current budget allows, take a look at cardiology stethoscopes from the Welch Allyn or Spirit Medical ranges.    

Nurses & Nursing Students

[caption id="attachment_5024" align="aligncenter"]nurses[/caption]   For our nurses and nursing students, we recommend you also consider choosing a stethoscope that will prove to be a worthwhile investment. We have had nurses call into us because their Littmann stethoscope that they have had for over 10-years finally needs to be replaced. If you consider the cost savings associated with only purchasing one stethoscope every decade, it makes sense to consider your choice wisely. We recommend the industry standard stethoscopes for nurses. The Littmann Classic IIS.E or the Littmann Classic III. The Littmann Master Classic single head stethoscope is an option that we recommend to established nurses who are confident with using a single head stethoscope. As always Medshop Australia understands that our customers have different budgets and that is why we also offer alternative ranges of stethoscopes from brands like Welch Allyn, Spirit Medical, and Prestige Medical.    

Paediatric & Neonatal Specialists

27_20141126033746   For those people specialising in paediatric or neonatal medicine, you might want to consider the Littmann Classic II Infant or the Littmann Classic II Paediatric. We also have Welch Allyn and Spirit Medical options available, you can view all of these in our paediatric and infant stethoscope categories.    


We have one stethoscope available for veterinarians, the Littmann Master Classic VetScope. It has a long 32-inch tube to enable enhanced mobility for positioning, which is especially important when dealing with larger animals.    


Teaching stethoscopes enable two listeners to listen in to the stethoscope at the same time. They are an important tool in medical education and Medshop Australia offers two options, one from Littmann and one from Spirit Medical.    

Electronic Stethoscopes

  Medshop Australia stocks a range of electronic stethoscopes which feature adjustable sound volume and the ability to record the sounds for playback at a later stage. These stethoscopes have advantages for people who have hearing difficulties, as well as for people who need or want to be able to easily record and document their patient's stethoscope listening results. So this about wraps up our guide to choosing the right stethoscope for you. We also stock a couple of additional budget ranges of the stethoscope, the Rappaport range, and options like the Littmann Select. To go into great detail about each stethoscope will take many more blog posts, for now, you should be able to find all the additional information you need on our website. If you have more questions for us please feel free to contact our friendly customer service, staff.
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