February 2017 Bizarre Medical Stories: What Crawled Out Of Her Nose And Other True Stories

what-crawled-out-of-her-nose-and-other-true-stories Just when you thought it was safe to read the Medshop Australia blog again, we found more bizarre medical stories from the front lines. There is no end to the train of unbelievable stories produced by this world. The good news is, they aren’t all out of Australia this month. In fact, this time we only have one story on this list. It’s comforting to know that the whole world is as unique as us. Without any further adieu, here is your February installment of bizarre medical stories. Be advised, some of these images are not for the sensitive.    

Pet Snake Caught In Woman’s Ear Hole

pet-snake-stuck-in-ear-1   Portland, USA: While taking selfies with her pet snake, Ashley Glawe found herself in a pickle. The snake did something it had never done before. It slithered through the large-gauges hole in her ear, where it become stuck. Fearing the snake would split her ear in half, she called 911. Paramedics were unable to help her so she went to the emergency room. There, they were able to remove the snake by numbing her ear, then coaxing out the snake.
Source: NBC News

Locked In Syndrome Wearable Facilitates Communication

20747-fc7aba52a3295892941674bb57dcd142   Geneva, Switzerland: The condition known as locked-in syndrome (LIS) is a frightening one, no doubt. Patients who suffer LIS can suffer symptoms ranging from restricted head movement to no control of any skeletal muscles. For those patients, they cannot even blink yes or no. It’s called complete LIS. What’s worse, symptoms can occur with no warning. Now we may have a solution. Researchers in Switzerland, in a small sample, studied four patients using a cap that uses near-infrared spectrography and electroencephalography to measure blood oxygenation and electrical activity in the brain. By measuring these aspects when asking the patients closed questions where they know the answer, they can determine and map what yes versus no answer look like. Using that data, they can then ask the patients yes or no questions to communicate. The hope is that they can develop this technology into a more complex language in time.
Source: Seeker

Woman Gives Birth To 13 Pound Baby

1318272_630x354   Victoria, Australia: At the Mercy Hospital for Women, the Natasha Corrigan recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Brian Junior. “I always wanted a fat little baby,” Corrigan said. The actual baby, however, gave her “a bit of a shock,” she added. Brian Junior now holds the record for the largest naturally-born baby. All was not without stress. The baby’s shoulder got stuck at one point during the delivery. When he finally came out, he didn’t fit into the nappies or clothes brought by her parents.
Source: NBC News

Live Cockroach Pulled From Woman’s Nose

roach-getty-width-800   Chennai, India: When Selvi woke after a long day of work to a weird sensation, she never could have imagined that what felt like a bug crawling up her nose was actually that. She reported immediately to the nearest clinic. It would take another clinic and a medical college before she found a solution. Doctor’s at Stanley Medical College performed an Endoscopy, removing the cockroach that had burrowed under her skin. It was still alive when they pulled it out.
Source: New Indian Express

Woman Allergic To Spouse

[caption id="attachment_5058" align="alignnone"]_93261800_ef1b601a-a5c1-4cd7-b342-fb10d1f0e351 Happier days for Watkins couple | bbc.com[/caption] Minnesota, USA: Johanna Watkins is unable to touch her spouse, Scott. She can’t even be in the same room with him. She suffers from a rare condition, where the very cells that should protect her from outside threats, mutate and attack her own body. It’s called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It means that movie night for the Watkins couple means watching the same movie on different displays, three floors apart in the same home. The condition, nothing new to Johanna, worsened after they wed. Traditional treatments do not work for Watkins, so they must keep their distance. It’s so bad that she could die from her anaphylactic symptoms if exposed to him.
Source: BBC News

Boy With Two Faces Receives Help

hqdefault Hunan province, China: Huikang was born on March 4th, 2009. He recently underwent surgery to attempt to correct what is a rare facial cleft, where it appears he is wearing a mask. He’s not. There is nothing covering his face. The appearance of this mask caused the media to call him “mask boy,” something that will no doubt haunt the boy in years to come. Prior to the childbirth, nothing in the ultrasounds indicated a deformity. Since that time, doctors have completed two operations to correct the deformity. It will take about ten years to see the total effects of the surgery, but he is otherwise healthy and recovering.
Source: Daily Mail

Scissors Pulled From Patient’s Stomach After 18 Years

stream_img   Vietnam: After a recent road accident, Ma Van Nhat went to the hospital. There, doctors discovered 6-inch scissors in his abdomen, to the left of his stomach. Presumably, the sheers were from another trip to the hospital in 1998, also from a road accident. In recent history, Nhat reported unidentified abdominal pain, but only since his accident did he discover what it was. Over the last 18 years, the scissors started to break, but doctors were able to remove them this time. They expect the man to return to a normal life after the surgery.
Source: Medical Daily
There you go. We’ll get busy looking for more bizarre stories in March. Don’t hesitate to send us anything you find, please. Also, don’t be shy about making comments on our Facebook page or about sharing this blog.
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