Don’t Read if you Prefer to Pay Full Price for Rossmax Pulse Oximeters

Don't Read if you Prefer to Pay Full Price for Rossmax Pulse Oximeters.png While we don’t want to mention any names (like, ahem, Bob from purchasing) but, “someone” at Medshop Australia recently overstocked our Rossmax pulse oximeter supplies. Since our warehouse is drowning in pulse oximeters, we’ve made the executive decision to discount our current inventory, in some cases with huge savings. Our goal is to clear out some of these devices so we can go back to selling them at the normal rate. That means, at least for now, you can take advantage of our situation. This won’t last though, not with discounts of 14 percent across all devices. Of course, we always offer competitive pricing, but if you were already in the market, this is the perfect time to make a purchase. There are three oximeters available at these deep discount prices.

The Rossmax SB220 finger Pulse Oximeter

Rossmax SB220.png What makes the Rossmax Finger Pulse Oximeter SB220 ideal for at-home users is the ease of reading the LED display. Like most smartphones on the market today, the display of this device rotates to accommodate the angle at which it is held. No more upside down reading required. In fact, the SB220 is so easy to use, you can spot check your blood oxygen concentration anywhere, anytime. It’s non-invasive, battery-powered by two AAA batteries for up to 16 hours, and weighs only 37 grams without the batteries. That's super light. Oh yeah, and that rotating display? It’s in colour, which makes it even easier to read without a bunch of fumbling. You can get the data you need in a flash without drawing too much attention to yourself as you may prefer. This pulse oximeter comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer, but if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We’ll do everything we can to help you resolve any challenges, however doubtful it may be that you would experience any from a company like Rossmax.
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The SA210 Rossmax Neonatal Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

Rossmax Neonatal Probe for SA210.png Few realities in life are scarier than having a child with special medical needs. For those whose child mandates regular oxygen saturation checks, Rossmax provides comfort. The Rossmax Neonatal Probe for Hand Held Pulse Oximeters is simple to use, goes on your child’s finger painlessly and easily. There’s no need to create extra stress for baby or for Mom and Dad. This probe fits on Rossmax SA210 models of oximeters so check your device before selecting this attachment, but rest assured that Rossmax has you and your baby covered. If you’ve not yet purchased the SA210, here’s the good news. We also have that device listed at a promotional rate right now.
Accurately measure your child's blood oxygen with the Rossmax neonatal probe.

The SA210 Rossmax Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

Rossmax Hand Held Pulse Oximeter SA210.png

Easily connect your pulse oximeter with your laptop with the Hand Held Pulse Oximeter SA210 from Rossmax.

Accurate, and easy to use, the SA210 provides users with not only blood oxygen saturation and pulse data but warning indications if measurements are outside the range. This is key when checking one’s levels for the millionth time. It’s easy to overlook something awry when it’s most often just fine. The SA210 cuts out that concern. You don’t have to be a perfectionist, but your oximeter should be. You only have to be good at reading your oximeter. Reliability of the SA210 is so high, it’s as widely used in hospitals as it is in home use. It comes with a backlit LCD screen so you can read it anywhere, powered by four AAA batteries. It will even notify you when those batteries are getting low so you never have to be caught unprepared. While it’s a little more to carry than the previous model, for peace of mind many users feel it’s worth. Both are great devices, but this one is a little more robust. It also provides more general health information, including sleep apnea screening. Truly, it's a solid device.
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If you’re new to living with a pulse oximeter, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. We just posted a blog about how to read a pulse oximeter like a boss. There you’ll find everything you need to track your oxygen saturation so you can rest easy.

As a brand in the business, Rossmax makes an ideal first pulse oximeter for anyone just getting started. It seems this is all coming together perfectly for you. If you have any other questions not covered in either blog or if you simply want to talk, we want to hear from you. The Medshop Australia team loves helping whenever we can.
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