Balancing Acts: Healthy Romantic Relationships for Medical Professional

Balancing Acts- Healthy Romantic Relationships for Medical Professionals.png Medical professionals are some of the hardest working people in the workforce. Medicine and healthcare are constantly evolving and demanding fields that require life long learning from medical professionals. Long hours, staffing shortages, cutbacks and dealing with the full spectrum of human emotions are all part of the job for healthcare professionals. Sure there are those few rare people who seem to live for the adrenaline, then there are most of us; those who suffer from stress and burnout when we try to burn the candle at both ends for too long. It is no surprise that stress and burnout can cause major issues in personal relationships. That is why Medshop Australia have put together this list of tips to help you maintain healthy romantic relationships and your career as a medical professional... Welcome back to Balancing Acts, our series on balancing your professional life with the one outside work. Last time we covered becoming a healthier nurse. Today we are going to cover areas of focus for the romantics. We've narrowed success down to five key areas: self-care, quality time, taking time out, working together and romance. Enjoy. Meditate

Master Self-care

You've probably heard the saying, "you need to love yourself first before you can love another." It is a popular saying because it holds a lot of value. It's easy to lose yourself in a sea of working responsibilities, housework, chores, and day to day necessities. Sometimes it might seem that you have given all you have got, and if you are not careful this can lead to feelings of resentment or arguments within a relationship. Fortunately, there is a remedy for this: take some time out to look after yourself and re-charge. Exercising or walking daily is a fantastic idea that will bring you more energy and vitality. Perhaps you might also like to invest in a stress ball for yourself or your partner? Personal grooming is a big one too, it is proven that how you think you look affects how you feel about yourself. So take this as permission to go and get your hair done, wear that outfit you love, and take a little extra care with your personal presentation. For others taking the time to read, meditate, or get creative might be the golden ticket to feeling revitalised and happy within oneself. It is all about finding what works for you and figuring out how to make it a non-negotiable part of your routine. Quality Time

Spend Quality Time

We are living in the age of distraction. These days it is not uncommon to see someone on their laptop, eating, with a phone in hand, while watching the T.V. While the conveniences of modern technology may serve many purposes, they are no substitutes for spending quality time with your loved ones. Have you ever tried to talk to someone but they were too distracted by technology to properly listen? Perhaps you have been that person yourself. Either way, it's frustrating. So with this in mind unplug, switch off and put the technology aside. Engage in meaningful conversation with your loved ones and enjoy richer, happier and more fulfilling communication. Escape

Get away

Sometimes it can seem that there is just too much to do. Going on holiday sounds like a foreign concept. Taking a break from routine and responsibilities is very healthy for relationships. It adds some spark and excitement into life. You don't have to book some extensive holiday package to get out of a rut, but if you can then by all means go for it. Simple things like a day trip to a national park, a picnic in the great outdoors or camping for a night or two are great ways to get out. Reconnect with nature. Reconnect with loved ones. There is a lot of evidence to suggest spending time in nature does wonder for a person's state of mind and happiness levels. Work Together.png

Work together

Relationships are two-way streets. They only work if you work together. If you're both busy, sit down and think of some things you could do together. Exercise is something that is great to do together. Go for a walk or jog, or invest in a joint gym membership, whatever works for you. They say that couples who work out together, stay together. Prepare a meal together, share the chores, join a club or group together, or even watch a TV series together if you just seriously need to relax. It might take some time to integrate your activities but it will be well worth your while. It will bring a stronger sense of partnership and togetherness. Romance.png

Don't forget the romance

Romance isn't something that just happens after you both come home from a long working day. While it isn't necessary (or necessarily practical) to have a candlelight dinner with flowers and champagne every night, it really is nice to treat your partner to some romance on occasion. This doesn't need to be elaborate. It can be as simple as a kind thoughtful gesture, telling your partner how much they mean to you and expressing gratitude. What separates a romantic relationship from a platonic relationship is just that, romance. Therefore, in romantic relationships, it's important to express and enjoy the romantic aspect in whatever way it best suits you. We can recommend our massage ball and massage oil range to help bring some romance and relaxation into your relationship. CLICK HERE to come and join us on Pinterest. Come Join us on Pinterest
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