ANNOUNCING: Medshop Student Scholarship Program Recipients 2019

Medshop Scholarship Announcement

In 2017, Medshop launched a scholarship program designed to support the students who will become medical and healthcare professionals of the future. Fast-forward to 2019, and we’re excited to announce the recipients of the third annual Medshop Student Scholarship Program.

In what has proved to a bumper year for exceptional applications, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your inspiring essays. We also want to thank those of you who expressed appreciation at the opportunity to reflect and articulate the reasons for pursuing your chosen careers. For us, this makes the whole program worthwhile.

At the launch of the program we asked the question:

“what inspires you about the medical or healthcare field that you have chosen to pursue a career in?


In answer to that question, we received almost double the number of essays compared to 2018. We were particularly impressed with applicants from the medical sciences and allied health fields, however, students from every sector had valuable and insightful things to say. Choosing from among those applications is one of the most rewarding yet challenging parts of our year, and selecting our final awardees is always a very close call. However, we are very happy to announce our three recipients of the 2019 Medshop Student Scholarship below.


2nd Runner-up scholarship recipient 

Maddison Perry - Veterinary Bioscience 

This unwavering passion to be a Vet has continued to grow over the years and I am constantly inspired as I learn about new and evolving aspects of the profession. I have learnt that a Veterinarian is not just a healer but also a student, an educator, a listener, a counsellor, and an advocate for those that do not have a voice. Being able to do all of these things as a healthcare professional is why I know, as the saying goes, “I will never work a day in my life”.

The road to my opportunity to study at university has taken a lot of dedication, hard work and study, but I now have the opportunity to follow my lifelong dream. There is no coasting through life as a Vet and I love that, it means that the people who make the most impact have fully dedicated their lives to their profession as I am doing. It is a special calling to be a Veterinarian because it is not easy and brings with it a lot of responsibility, but for me this means it is something worthwhile and special to be a part of.


1st Runner-up scholarship recipient

Alecia Min-Yung Barnes - Bachelor of Nursing

For patients going through intense, invasive and painful treatments, it can be that little difference I can make to alleviate pain or discomfort that can change my patient’s mindset completely. That is why so many people go on to study nursing after experiencing family members or even themselves go through treatment and know how much nurses can make a difference during their treatment. Nurses are the pinnacle of ‘paying it forward’ because they spend so much time with patients and they get to know them on an individualistic level and it’s that small difference they make that patients recognise and appreciate.

This is the main characteristic of the nursing field I fell in love with: nurses establish such close interactions and professional relationships with patients as they are the ones responsible for the safety, treatment and the care of a patient in general. Even when I reach that point in my degree where I ask myself if this was the right choice for me (especially after studying the Bristol Stool Chart for hours), it’s knowing that even the slightest difference I make during a patient’s treatment can mean the world to them and transform a person. That’s what inspires me.


Winning Scholarship Recipient 

Qian Wen Huang - Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science)/Master of Optometry

I chose to study optometry because I believe that vision is a gift that we should never undervalue....The moments of witnessing a child read a book the first time and excel at school, to helping the elderly improve their quality of vision and regain independence, is a snapshot of what inspires optometrists to continue eradicating eye-care barriers.

Studying any health/medical course should not be for status, recognition, respect or wealth. Instead, it is the path to share and succumb to the passion inside your heart to serve a positive influence on quality healthcare; starting with your first patient, until your last, without your fire of passion ever withering.

I believe access to eye/health care should be equalised, regardless of status, wealth, race and locality because healthcare access is a fundamental human-right. Indeed, to me, vision is precious; patients should have tears of joy for the gift of sight, rather than tears of sorrow when neglected from treatment because of their socioeconomic circumstance.


Once again, congratulations to our scholarship recipients and a big thank you to everyone who applied. Here at Medshop, we know that the future of the medical and healthcare professions is in your capable hands.

MedShop Congratulations

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