2016 Was The Year For Bizarre Medical Stories From The Delivery Room

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Hard to believe, but it’s been a full year of odd medical stories. Remember in August when we talked about Johnny Depp losing part of his finger in a drunken feud? How about the guy who died from a dirty bagpipe in our September edition? Don’t get us started on the Reddit community obsessed with tonsil stones from October.

Needless to say, you and I are pretty normal by all accounts.

This year there are a few stories we’ve missed. Hard to catch them all. One of them happened just down the road from us. Since our Bizarre Medical Stories blog is usually macabre, we thought we’d end the year on a hopeful note.

It’s been a triumphant year for babies. We have four delivery room stories, which are bizarre in their own right but end well, plus one other story of bizarre triumph.


Malaysian Teen Undergoes Surgery To Remove Unborn Twin Brother From Stomach After 15 Years

doctors (source: medicaldaily.com)

The rarity of this condition, called “fetus in fetu,” is one in 500,000. It’s where one fetus in a pair of twins gestates inside the other.

Adding to the bizarre nature of this condition, the living twin, in this case, lived fifteen years before doing something about it.

After four months of hospitalisation for abdominal pain, doctors determined that Mohd Zul Shahril Saidin was carrying around his almost formed twin.The fetus had everything but a nose and mouth.


Woman Gives Birth To Rare Set Of Twins Conceived 10 Days Apart

baby-11813351280 (source: medicaldaily.com)

It’s called superfetation. This one happened right in our backyard, when an Australian woman’s body continued to ovulate after she was already impregnated.

It was ten days after the first baby was conceived that another sperm from her husband fertilised another egg. It was even from two different exchanges of intercourse.

The two baby girls were born together, like twins, but technically sisters ten days apart.

The last time this happened in recent history was in 2009 in the United States.


70-Year-Old Mom Births First Child With Help Of In Vitro Fertilization

older_0 (source: medicaldaily.com)

After 46-years without success, Daljinder Kaur and her husband finally gave birth their first baby, at age 70. Her husband was 79.

It took clearance from a cardiologist, then three attempts to administer the in-vitro fertilisation, but it worked. They had a healthy baby boy.

The boy was only 4.4 pounds at birth but has since gained enough weight to be considered a healthy baby.

Prior to this, the record holder was 66 years old when she gave birth.


Mother Pleasantly Surprised After Unexpectedly Giving Birth To Quintuplet Daughters

singh (source: medicaldaily.com)

Giving birth to more than one baby is not out of the ordinary, but more than three is generally associated with a little scientific nudge.

In fact, as far as anyone knows, Manita Singh is the first woman to deliver natural quintuplets. That’s not even the craziest part.

She thought she only had one fetus. Singh did not undergo an ultrasound before that day, but since she’d only had one child previously, it stood to reason in her mind that the experience would be similar.

Adding to the uniqueness, all five babies were girls. The girls were all born prematurely, underweight, but healthy.


Michigan Man Receives Life-Saving Transplant After Carrying Artificial Heart In Backpack For 555 Days

doctors (source: medicaldaily.com)

Since they can’t all be stories about babies, this one is still heart warming. Stan Larkin was fifteen years old when he collapsed with heart problems.

At first, his problems were managed with a defibrillator, but eventually, his heart failed to the point where doctors had to remove the dying organ. O-positive blood is the most common type.

When it comes to receiving blood donations, that’s a blessing. When it comes to receiving a donor's heart, the line of people ahead of you is long. It’s one case where being the exception would help.

Larkin spent over a year on a machine called “Big Blue,” then later a more portable version of the machine. The portable versions restored much of his freedom, but not until he received his replacement heart did he live a normal life.

See? That wasn’t half as bad as it could’ve been. However you split 2016, it’s been another one for the history books, literally, but for the folks in these stories, it’s been the best year of their respective lives.

We should all hope for some bizarre medical news of this kind in our lives. It sure beats most of the usual news out there. From the team at Medshop Australia, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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